Composer's Statement
In my music I work with the perception of sound and form, the experience of musical structure and language, and how music generates our intellectual and emotional responses.
My computer-generated sound uses low-level computer code to control additive synthesis at a fine timescale, allowing a fluid approach to tone and voice. I also use structured randomness to generate unfamiliar experiences of musical style and grammar.
Postcards (2016)
Sleep State (2016)
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Peformances, Honours, and Awards
"Moving Frames", performed by William Lang (Trombone)
Boston Microtonal Society - May 2018
Renee B. Fisher Competition Composer Awards for 2018
Winner announced June 2017 - Commissioned work "Lost Things Circle Us" premiere May 2018
"Speech and Song", fixed media for 4 subwoofers
Heavy Traffic, at Canadian Music Centre, Toronto, Aug. 11, 2018
AMAE / De Pinto 58 (+1) Indices on the Body (
Selected track for Index 22 - October 2016
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Software Engineering
I've been creating and delivering software for more than 20 years across different technologies, industries, organization types, and software life cycle stages. With Shotgun Software for most of the last 14 years, I was fortunate to be part of its successful growth from tiny startup (4 of us) to the large team at Autodesk.
I like solving challenging problems and finding effective and practical solutions. I have worked independently and remotely a lot. But I also highly value good working relationships and working closely in a collaborative and supportive work culture.
I use code that I write in my music composition work, for additive synthesis with complete control over the evolution of sounds, avoiding the constraints of pre-existing software, such as fixed envelope structures or tonal systems.
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Education Experience and Qualifications
Since 2016, I've been teaching mathematics (mainly) for colleges in the Greater Toronto area.
As an educator, I offer a masters in mathematics, a bachelor of education, and extensive software industry experience. I enjoy teaching all levels of mathematics, and software industry topics as well.
I am also an Ontario College of Teachers member, qualified in the Intermediate and Senior panels for mathematics and computer science.
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